A classic in the annals of Japanese grind/metal, Force fucking kicked much ass.
(It doesn't hurt when when you have Hellchild on your "rock resume" either).

Did the Howling Bull label ever put out any bad records?
(The correct answer is NO).

I miss the Howling Bull store that was here in S.F. on Valencia St. for a few years.
Fuck, I spent sooo much $$$ on this kind of shit, as well as Japanese comix, wrestling crap, toys, etc. Alas, the "gentrification" of The Mission District came into being, effectively killing off "the scene".
Nowadays, all you see is a bunch of PUSSIES on their fucking ghey-ass fixed gear technicolor 2-wheeled fashion accessories, sporting some ironic little puberty 'stache, & hanging out on "fixie field" in Dolores Park w/ their pudgy sloppily-dressed girlfriends w/ those awful giant white sunglasses. Bitches!

I'll shut the fuck up about "the good 'ol days" now, but I'm tellin' you - it used to punk as fuck here, bro...

Somebody hook me up with some MULTIPLEX, already, damn!

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Force - Force

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  1. fixed gears are the new roller blades. truth.

  2. They are "the next step" when you have your "mid-life skater crisis".

    It's not so much the bikes I hate as much as the people who ride them.

    Nah, fuck it, I hate the bikes too, ha ha!

  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_impression_that_i_get/2739936728/

  4. I love you, man!!! Thanx sooooo much for this, I've been trying to track down this album for ages!!

  5. No problem, Cheeto!

    Now if you could just track me down that self-titled WETNURSE so I could re-up my post...

  6. Hahaha--I enjoyed the fixed gear rant. More of THAT.

  7. Yeah, we've got pretentious fixie scum down here too. Weird how they never ride outside their little square mile territory.

    Now this Force shit is EXCELLENT (insert nerdy reference to Star Wars here). I'm lovin' the high bitrate! Thanks.

  8. fuck yes!!!! Multiplex ruled as well!!! unfortunately all of mine is on cassette and no working tape deck here at the moment or i'd hook ya up faster than ya can blink...

    thanks for this tho.

  9. I wonder if they know that Europe was called Force in their demo days?

  10. Force kicks ass.

    Multiplex & Exit-13 split: http://cephalochromoscope.blogspot.com/2008/08/multiplex-exit-13-japan-usa-split-7.html

    Also, "Z" left me a comment with this link: http://churchofzer.blogspot.com/2008/09/multiplex.html

  11. the town I live in is probably the most unsafe town to be riding a bike in. There is no reason to ride one without brakes unless it's for a fashion statement.

    Thanks for the 'Force' upload. looking forward to checking this out

  12. my buddy Devon from AYCE, WHN?, and CFD opened the Howling Bull SF store. it was the best.


    -Danny B.

  13. I wouldn't have been able to afford all the cool shit in that store if it weren't for Devon :)

  14. have you seen this?

    dude is definitly a lifer!

    -Danny B.

  15. Thanks, DB!

    That's good reading, I'll have to check out CfD sometime...

  16. I feel you on the valencia street kooks. I've been working at Arinell for 3 years. At least you can rest assured that I subject them to a ton of shit off this site.

  17. Howling Bull fucking RULED!!!
    i got some rare cool stuff there, i'm a recovering comic book nerd so that stuff is like crack for me, i just stayed with the music, coz god knows if i pick up one comic or one toy, i'm right back in the (glass)pipe

    that rant on fixed gears was spot on,
    fucking hipsters and their white belts and douche-cycles

  18. Glad you enjoyed my "jaded-old-fuck" rant on the state of lameness that is prevailing in my beloved city. Fuckers...

  19. Dude....tell me you have more by this band. I've been listening to this a lot since you posted it--haven't gotten sick of it yet.

  20. Fred - They did cuts on two comps (which I have) but it is just material taken from this.

    Great band I wish could have lasted.

    Have you checked out Hellchild?

  21. Not yet...but I'll search around for them. Japanese Grindcore is crazy, man.


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