Shortly before the Bay Area's "Kings of Uneasy" set out to record "The Narcotic Story", Eugene & Niko set out on a select-dates tour of the U.S. playing as a duo, the set consisting of favorites of theirs throughout their enitre catalog, as well as some obscure covers.

Here's Oxbow live in the studios of WFMU in Jersey City, NJ performing & being interviewed.

(Enoyable as well as unique, to say the least)...

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Oxbow - 10.26.2004 WFMU Acoustic / Interview Set.

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  1. Mate just stumbled over your site looking for some infest bootlegs....your fucking rule, this site has opened up the entire merry world of mp3 bootleg blogs to me, and for that i thank you.
    This is what punk was about about back in the real world, passing out your music to all and sundry cos people hearing it and forming a scene around it was more important than making a fat raise off of it.
    Keep it up.


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