Hyper-as-hell and punk-as-fuck, The Fleshies have consistently kick the collective ass of the Bay Area for nearly 10 years now. They combine some punky three-chord ROCK with gallons of spastic energy, creating a rock experience par excellance!
Singer Johnny No-Monicker is definitely one of the most charismatic front guys I have ever witnessed, and he even dedicated a song to my son Benito Strummer the day he was born. (it was a cover of the Clash's "Koka-Kola", by the way).

They haven't been active in some time now, but they haven't broken up either. These guys always stay busy w/ side projects, etc.

Here's their stellar 2001 hit album - enjoy!

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Fleshies - Kill the Dreamer's Dream

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  1. i discovered your blog last night and i just want to say fucking stellar work... i downloaded a ton of stuff i hadn't thought of in years.. right on

    take care,
    moose// death of the sun/ static towers

  2. Moose -

    Thanks for the kinds words, dude.

    Enjoy what you grab, and spread the tunes around ;)

  3. Been a fan of your blog for awhile now. Linked.

  4. Thank you for the Fleshies. Curious to hear.



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