Wickedly spastic trashy noisy noisecore unit from Dekalb, IL that never got any love, obviously.

These guys "out-noised" most of the bands on the AmRep roster back in the day, and I can appreciate that.

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Festering Rinyanyons - Flatlander Recluse

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  1. thanks for posting this. GOOD SHIT. Does anyone know if this ever came out with a proper release?

  2. This was BOVINE RECORDS BO-08.

    I enjoyed the the bovine version of sludge/noise much better than the AmRep style...

    I got this cd for $3 way back in the day from Epicenter, the old Maximum Rock 'n Roll "collective" here in SF.

    I miss buying / stealing shit from that place, ha ha.

  3. congratulations on an inspired post! what a fantastic band they were, and i totally agree with you about bovine versus amphetamine reptile.

    back in my athens, georgia years i was working in a kitchen with a couple of the dudes in harvey milk, and one day they were asking about bovine records because apparently they had been contacted by the label to release the follow-up to "courtesy and goodwill" lp. of course, they took a 180 degree turn and went zz top before imploding, so i'm not sure how stoked bovine would have been...but at the time i was trying to convince them how awesome the label was.

    good times.

  4. This groups name that we would repeat over and over while high back in the day. Never actually heard them, though. The time is right...


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