The last of the really good G.B.H. albums - their third release overall - just so happens to be my favorite as well.
While the levels on this recording could use a good remastering, I feel that this era of G.B.H. proved to be their hardest/heaviest/darkest w/ excellent songwriting.

The cover is pretty awesome, too.

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Charged G.B.H. - Midnight Madness and Beyond.......

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  1. ChristianityIsStupid10/27/2008 07:37:00 AM

    I saw GBH live in '91. They were awesome.

  2. oh yeahhhh! I've owned this three different times and I still don't have a copy left. I really like this period too. Thanks!

    I saw GBH at Harpo's in Detroit about 1997 or 98. Someone threw a bottle at them during their second song and they walked off for the night.

    Royal Oak, MI

  3. They were one of the earliest bands I ever saw. The first time was in '86 during a tour through the SE with Agnostic Front. Midnight has just come out. Great show, and I got to hang out with the band at their motel room on Pensacola Beach afterwards. That was a fucked up experience.

    Saw them almost 20 years later with the Circle Jerks in NYC at Irving Plaza with my 19-year-old sister-in-law. It was her first concert. Those granddads rocked just about as hard as they did back in 1986, although I was no longer in condition to jump in the pit myself.

  4. I can go one earlier, i seen them in Paris last febuary. My friends were filming some French psychobilly band and GBH asked if they film them too

    They was alright, kinda going through the motions and they're french language sucked as bad as mine.

    There was a good dutch band who i thought were the best there called Peter Pan Speedrock. Dunno had to class em, kindo hardcore with a double bass.

  5. the Link is error van create new please??
    greets kOIfA

  6. The link works fine hit the big green button that says DOWNLOAD on it...


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