While many hardcore "purists" probably dislike this record, I'd have to say it is one of their better LP's.
Of course we all love "Victim In Pain", but this line-up of A.F. to me sounded quite powerful, and I dig the double-bass & guitar solos - I'm sure this bummed out many of the bald-headed meatbags in the crowd.

I'll always love these guys, but to be honest, anything beyond "Liberty & Justice For..." isn't worth listening to.

Enjoy this hardcore classic!

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Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm

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  1. This bald-headed guy, loved the album from sart to finish. And it was one of the first cd's i bought in 1991..

    I wasnt bald back then, but i'm getting older now and...

  2. Thank you very much indeed for choosing to follow Metal Bastard's MP3 Blahg.

    Welcome onboard! :)

  3. This one was always my favorite. Compared to Liberty, it totally rules... Thanks!

  4. Besides being AF best album it belongs to the class of 86 albuns which define the new tougher meaner sound - cro-mags, crumbsuckers,... the list would go and not just in hardcore.
    Keep the good work, doing what the majority of us are too lazy to do.

  5. This is a classic Metalcore album. Good all the way through! The only somewhat of a downside to it, to me, are the at times right-wing leaning Pete Steale written lyrics. Back in the day "Public Assistance" and "Shoot His Load" seemed to me appropriate for tongue-in-cheek Carnivore, but not for "We're into unity man!" Agnostic Front - I didn't get it. 0ther then that Mr. Steale's influence on this album is great. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Here's a wnyu debate i found on a blog whose name escapes me. It's got Steve Martin & SOIA arguing with Sam McPheeters and the dude who ran Vermiform about censorship and commercialness within the NYHC scene.

    it's very funny and everyone's angry at everybody. I'm surprised a megaphone wasn't produced.



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