How the fuck do I describe this record other than " I dig this"?

Late last night I decided to go through some old stacks of CD's down in the garage and found this little gem that I was pretty obsessed with about six years ago.
Things were a bit different then - I wasn't a parent yet - and I used to be able to blast tunes & stay up *ahem* "partying" until early the next morning.

This CD was in heavy rotation on most days/nights.

Them days is gone, but the soundtrack to those years remains, and this still sounds good to me.

Lots of fat riffs drilled into the ground, creating a heavy groove w/o quite being hardcore, metalcore, stoner rock, or (ugh) "nu-metal".
This CD is perfect for a late night solo drive through bad weather on a stretch of unfamiliar road - maybe that should have been my entire description for this, huh? - anyways, Sacramento, CA's Will Haven broke up for a few years, then got back together a year or two ago & released a new record but honestly? That record ain't so hot.

Enjoy this shining moment.

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Will Haven - Carpe Diem

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  1. Reminds me a lot of Burst. Good shit dude.

  2. Hmm... yep, that's a good comparision, Trey.
    I haven't listened to Burst in a while, have to dig that shit out too I guess.

  3. I have all of these guy's releases if anyone shows interest. This one you posted is probably my favorite one, though.

  4. I have them all as well.
    It was hard for me to pick one to post, but I figured this one was the best.

  5. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while...thanks for the reminder! Now I'll have to dig out some old Snapcase as well...

  6. Hey Andy what's up, homie?
    Snapcase? I never "got" that band.
    Just seemed like some weird VH-1 kind of thing to me.
    Maybe I'll give it another shot - post it.

  7. Nailed it. One of the heaviest albums of all time, once you accept the Korn & Deftones influence.


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