Raging crusty/thrashy/metallic hardcore from the Great White North.
A dude from Voivod did the cover art.
It's good, check it out.

The Black Hand - War Monger


  1. nice one. had been curious to hear these guys after seeing that Away had done the art. any band with Away art is ok in my books. doesn't hurt that they're a pretty good band too ;)


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  3. Erynion -

    Um, this blog isn't about making money - seriously, how much $$$ can you make off a blog that averages a little over 250 hits a day?
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  4. You're right. A blog with 200-300 visitors a day can't make any money. Money wasn't the intention of promoting this. I recycle the money I get into running my blogs in a better way. It helps me. Thought it might help you. My apologies if I caused you any inconvenience though. Cheers!

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  6. haha!! nice one.

    i was interested in hearing this too. I havent stopped by in a while and am psyched to check out the Outpatients as well..

    anyway, the link here is not working, or maybe i just need to try again in a bit...

  7. Cool! i dunno why i never picked this up when it came out. The demo/10" was killer, and they were great live too. Speaking of, you don't happen to have that EP handy to upload, to you?

    Great blog, BTW.

  8. Good stuff. They also have a track on that Seven Deadly Sins Comp... Some of the dudes are in Cobra Noir now I believe.

  9. I thought about posting their track form the "Seven Deadly Sins" comp w/ this, but then I flaked and forgot after I had already U/L this.

    I keep trying to like Cobra Noir, but alas, it does not speak to me. I think it's the vocals that bug me...

  10. Thanks - nice band. And artwork is great.


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