While these guys (and girl) were a few years older than myself - and 50 miles away - I somehow always ended up hitching a ride (or scamming some artsy girl into driving to Flint) to see some of my first real hardcore shows, and Dissonance was usually on the bill.
I saw them open for 7 Seconds, Corrosion of Conformity, Raw Power and many other "classic" hardcore bands.

For me, Dissonance was more than just a band.
Phil & Tanya (drums and bass, respectively) were very much responsible for their being any hardcore scene in Flint - well, them and Doug 'Wyatt" Earp - who owned the only cool record store (Wyatt Earp) for nearly 100 miles around.

(I think it's pretty safe to say there would be no scene to speak of (north of A2 / Detroit) without the afforementioned folks - you can add Ben "Rivethead" Hamper and Michael "Roger and Me" Moore to the list of Flint HC alumni as well).

Dissonance was really about having a good time and not worrying about "being cool", and that energy inspired alot of people to start their own bands as well.

If it weren't for Wyatt Earp Records and skateboarding, I might have missed out on all of this, but when I think back on those nihilistic (and weed-filled) days before "I got my shit together", my reality was filled with sleeping all day, road-tripping, and skating all night.
The soundtrack usually was courtesy of these guys, who quite possibly could be my all-time favorite hardcore band...

Dissonance - KDVS / Davis CA (Live In-Studio 1986).

You can still purchase the 2-CD/DVD Dissonance Discography right here.

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  1. this is awesome,enjoyed the song introductions thank you !!!

  2. Excellent. I forgot about these guys and now I'm not so sure why???


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