More obscure East Bay Hardcore from the 80's for you.
I gotta thank Avery for sending this one in (he sent in the CIrcle Jerks a while back).
Good thrashy hardcore - complete with four songs about bowling, bitch!

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Part Time Christians - Rock and Roll Is Disco

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  1. you are doing a great service to the world, i tell you; i had this years back, and have been searching. thank you for this and many other out of print/old school classics!

  2. Yet another very cool post! I still have the original vinyl. Despite being on Alternative Tentacles no-one seems to have heard of this band. The only bowl-punk band? A one-off in the sound department anyway... Keep up the great work!

  3. I linked you up, Ponk.
    I at one time lived in Detroit - in fact I was just back there a few weeks ago - and engorged myself on Lafayette Coney Dogs.

  4. I think this is still available on Alternative Tentacles. I bought it new, but left it in the car and it warped. It still plays with some motion sickness as the needle rides up and down. This makes things a lot easier to play.

  5. Thanks... linked you back. Detroit's not so hot (blame farming out the automobile industry to China), but some very cool, talented people. We're also based in London - now that place is pretty damn hot! Have a great weekend...

  6. thank you so much, you have just taken some of the pain away from my vinyl seperation. I haven't beeen able to play this since I stored my collection on the west coast and moved to Amsterdam 12 years ago.

  7. Glad to help you out, Ear_Wax.
    Thanks for sleuthing around the internet & finding my blog, enjoy!


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