Wow, can't believe I haven't posted anything by one of the greatest hardcore bands that made me look at the world in a different light.
Thanks to these dudes, I ended up heavily tattooed by a young age (amongst other things)...

Here's a from-vinyl-rip of some classic lineup-era Cro-Mags crushing it with power way the fuck up in Winnipeg, Canada back in 1986.
Decent sound, great set.

Fuck, I miss bands like this.

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Cro-Mags - 07.26.1986 Live at Wellington's, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Now playing: Indian Summer - Waiting


  1. If you can believe it, I'm not all that familiar with these guys. Yes, I know, I should be killed. Thanks for setting me straight.

    .: Chris

  2. Jason -

    I wanted to say thanks for the kind words. You'll be added to my blog as well.

    Guys like you are what blogging is and should be about. I love punk and hardcore, and always have, but I wasn't around in its earliest days. You were and your recollections of such have an immeasurable value. Keep up the good work.


  3. Toby -

    Thanks man.
    Your writing is really on another level, dude.
    trying to go back through your whole archive and read it all - good stuff for sure.

    thanks again

  4. I saw the Cro-Mags on that '86 tour at the Pine St Theater in Portland, OR. They were very powerful. I saw them a few years later w/ Harley singing and it wasn't the same.

  5. Thanx for this one J. Mediafire is running at about 185 kbs, so I should have this blasting and crackling on my tiny computer speakers shortly. There something about a live recording of bands you already love that makes it new and fresh again. Thanx again bro and for the MB too.

  6. I miss bands like this, too. Its a sign of the times unfortunately. I guess even though the statement always bothered me when Al Barille used to always say "you just had to be there" it does ring an element of tragic truth. I guess I just thought blindly that the state of todays politics would have pissed off the youth good enough to churn out something worthwhile.


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