Here's something a little bit different than the usual fare...

While I can't say that I ever listen to this band any more, there was a time when John Lydon didn't completely suck whale nuts.
That was a long time ago, but yeah, PiL did have a short hot streak of interesting material, and here is a rarities / outtakes collection from back in the day.

It's a shame what an over-inflated ego and short man's complex paired with a (self-righteous) mouth that won't stop will do to a legacy in rock and roll...

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Public Image Limited - Commercial Zone

*Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I was busy celebrating my birthday - June 25th (I'm 41, bitch!) - for the better part of last week.
I was also lucky enough to have an extra-long weekend in Tahoe just chillin' and grillin' with good friends. Got some good skating in, rode my bikes at the bmx track, read more of my Townes VaZandt book, slept in a few days, hung out with some hot tattooed MiLFs, and most importantly, I had my first beers in 5 years!*

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  1. dude

    congrats on the birthday and riding the bmx. i still wish i had my kuwahara. i still have a onepiece hutch crank at my parents house. now after reading your blurb i wanna watch RAD.

    rockon mofo!

  2. Jason,
    Has the edge gone dull?

    I kid, I kid...good for you and happy fucking birthday!

    .: Chris

  3. I concur. PIL was always a band I wanted to like more than I did. Their performance on American Bandstand pretty much ruled though. Seen it?

  4. Thanks Ben!

    Yeah, I collect and restore vintage, aka, 1980's BMX bikes. Got like six of 'em, and I still like to ride them even though I am an old fuck...

  5. Aesop -

    Yeah, their performance on AB was one of the coolest things I ever saw on that show for sure.

    We gotta have a beer on my back deck one of these days, dude.

  6. This is cool stuff, much appreciated. If you got more PiL rarities, you know where to find me.

    American Bandstand? Can I track that down somewhere?

    Btw, never thought Rotten completely sucked. Did you hear he wants to make music for Britney Spears? Man, I hope she accepts that!

    And, did you ever get that new Rud. Peni?

  7. Chris - I guess it did, huh? I totally respect sXe when it is done for personal reasons and not for "scene purposes". I guess that's how I felt about it - like you do - and while I still hate drunk people and bars I do miss drinking a beer or two at home, just chilling out and stuff. It's nice, and I feel good about it ;)

    Maarten - Take a look on YouTube, or just Google "PiL on American Bandstand" or something. Can't be too hard to find. I don't have any other rare Pil stuff, but I'll keep my eyes open for anything.
    Lydon making music for Britney Spears wouldn't be an improvement for either of their careers if you ask me, ha ha!

  8. 41??!?!

    Holy shit. I hope someone gave you a walker. Were you strong enough to blow out the candles on your prune cake?


  9. ha ha - im 48 and was (am) a pil fan back from the start. i still think the 2nd album is great (second edition?) and listen to tracks from it still while doing long runs. that spaced out, drone on that album is perfect for log trail runs

    anyway - i saw them in chicago a long time ago. they only played songs from the first two albums so maybe it was 1982. anyway - it was a great show! johnny squatted behind his monitor (that low speaker in front of his mik, whatever tat is called) and smoked - as if nobody could see him. at one point he ran out of cigs, asked for a "fag" and about twenty people threw cigs at te stag, so he walked around picking them up off the floor and smoking them the rest of the show.

    honestly, though, i never listened to anything after *flowers of romance*

    i mean, i bought them, but never really got it.

    once i heard a pil song at the end of a sopranos episodes - but didn't recognize it.

    anyway - thank for posting all this stuff. you are my hero!


  10. No problem with the candles, young whipper snapper.
    And I still got enough left over to whoop your punk ass, ha ha!

  11. Moik -

    Yeah, I'm a PiL fan of everything prior to "Happy".
    Couldn't stand that record or anything after it.

    The first three records are fucking insanely unique, and musically awesome. Heavier in their dissonant style than alot of heavy-ass doom metal stuff, ya know?

    I saw them on the "Album" tour - I was 19, I think - and it was pretty great. Even if that record was very different than the classic material they did they were tight as fuck as far as bands go.

    Thanks for always coming to the plate with something intelligent to say ;)


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