Here's some hard-to-find first generation Bay Area skaterock for you.

I haven't seen the singer Max in quite a while, but he was always known for his severe case of, ahem, "chronic bong-chitis"...

Ha ha.

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The Boneless Ones - Skate For The Devil

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  1. Hey! Wanted to thank you for posting this album following my request. Awesome!! I'm saving it until tonight... after a twenty year wait I can hold out a few hours longer.

    The LP never seems to turn up... I assume either a smaller than usual pressing or no one wants to let go of their original copy. Thanks again, you've made my day! Keep up the great work with the blog...

  2. Max can often be found drinking at Bender's in SF waiting for someone to talk to him about this album.

  3. iSapien19566726/11/2008 02:31:00 PM

    F'king boneless ones!!! hell yeah! thanks for posting SFTD. these dudes are rad, they do a kick ass play on the song "train kept a rollin'" with their version "Keg Kept A Flowin'". It's on thrasher skate rock vol. 3 the solo on that song is amazing.

  4. this album is great.

  5. Thanks for the post! Great album from a sadly overlooked band!

  6. Have I told you lately I love you!! I hadn't heard this in eons. Incidentally Brian from Oppressed Logic, Fang and The Resistoleros learned how to play bass by playing along with this album. Just a little data.

  7. Dude thankyou so much for this, this was a big album when I was a young smelly skater punk in Australia. If there's any body from Western Australia out there and wants to jam this shit, hit my email up, rfarstad85@gmail.com or my blog drumrats.blogspot.com.

  8. yo do you know where i can find the song "church of violence" it was on the sick boys 1988 skate video...if you have any idead plz let me know. i been looking for it like crazyy!!


    1. I have been looking for that tune for almost 30 years with no luck. Vinyl, cassette, windchimes...nothing.


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