Just got back from shredding the fuck out of the skatepark in Santa Cruz this morning, and while I was fueling up my truck on the way out of town I happened to run in to my old friend, Clifford. Clifford used to sing for Bl'ast!, thus the inspiration for today's post.

(At the time this was released, it would be fair to say that Bl'ast! was more "Black Flag-sounding" than Black Flag was; this is NOT a bad thing).

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Bl'ast! - It's In My Blood

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  1. Clifford is about the nicest dude in the world.

  2. 'sop -

    True dat!
    The KING of the S.C. lurker set...

  3. YES. Definitely their best stuff, at least to these ears. i always thought of this as some sort of "missing link" between Black Flag and stuff like Rorschach and Neurosis.

  4. Been Looking for this (bl'ast - it's in my blood) also on CD for quite some time, thanks for the post. all i ever see, new or used, is "take the manic ride"

  5. awesome! ive always wanted to hear this.


  6. these guys FUCKIN RULE... what's up with the band these days? anyone know? i heard something about a reunion or a new album last year, but don't know if any of it was true...


  7. They did some reunion shows about 4 years ago, don't think they are active at all these days.

    Check out GARGANTULA for what Clifford the singer is up to these days - I posted their record here a while back. Use the search on my blog to check it out.

    They really need to step away from the bong and crank out some new material ;)

    Awesome dudes for sure.

  8. Hey Lo-Res!

    I got one for you. Check this out!
    On the album "Take the Manic Ride" (Bl'ast), listen to the 7th track, "Blast it black". I'll be God-damned, if Morbid Angel didn't flat-out steal that riff for the song "Rapture". You got to give it a listen. Too funny!

    Hail Bl'ast, Satan, and this blog!

  9. been after this for a while - thx!

  10. Thanks! I've been looking for this for long time. Your blog Rules! Check mine blog thanks again.

  11. How about posting Take the Manic Ride? I always think of the scene from "Speed Freaks" where Jason Jesse Rips to clifford screaming "Start the machine"

  12. take the manic ride:


  13. this album is free to the first one hundred people who subscribe to thrasher.


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