Raging drunken "Yinzercore" straight outta the Polish "South Side" of Pittsburgh.

'Ol Rockin' Jeff Cherup (formerly of thrash-kings DOOMWATCH whom I posted a while back) shreds the git on this stuff, so you KNOW it delivers.

I tattooed him years ago, and I ain't seen him since...

These guys were "the real deal" as far as hardcore bands go - kinda like the second coming of Poison Idea in alot of ways, not just in physical stature.
Damn shame they ain't still around, but when you rage this hard, it can't last forever.

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Submachine - Sawed-Off Shotglass: Anthology of Vinyl

Now playing: Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre - Drug Luv


  1. I played in Pittsburgh bands from 1984-1990(Half Life,Riot Club,Nightmare Reality..etc.), and these guys were(are) amazing friends as well as being one of the best h.c. bands EVER. Totally underrated.... You wouldn't have the Doomwatch "Final Hour" e.p. by any chance, would you? I'm pissed, as I looked through all my records TEN TIMES and can't find it..WTF!

  2. Howie -

    No, I don't have anything else from Doomwatch besides what I posted earlier.
    Mike Zippo over at Sludge Swamp blog said he had some other stuff he'd send me, but I guess he's to stoned to do it / remember to do it.
    Maybe you can light a fire under his ass, I've asked him a few times now but no reply...

    I'd love to post some Half Life here, wanna send me some *hint hint*

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    jason/L-R V

  3. Awesome! Despite these guys playing every weekend when I lived in their neighborhood, I only managed to go see them a couple of times. Totally fun and raging live band.

    I have the CD discography "All our Yesterdays" of Half Life that includes a live on the air set... I'm not sure if it's still in print or not. It's pretty crucial.

  4. I have both Half Life demos,the 7",the L.P.,and a live show from 1984 in NYC that need to be transferred to a new cassette shell... I have no way of transferring these to MP3's, but I'll talk to my buddy who might be able to do it...

    The "All Our Yesterdays" CD that was mentioned above includes one of the tapes, and the 7", i believe.. See if you can get him to upload it, it's killer. I wasn't on any of that material, as I was a later member...

    GREAT BLOG, by the way! Brought back a lot of memories with the old stuff, and I discovered a few newer bands that kicked my ass..
    THE BLACK HAND fucking smoke! Thanks for everything!!

  5. DHD says he's gonna u/l that cd and send me the files. When I get it, of course there will be a post of it here, can't wait!

  6. Jason-the DOOMWATCH will be in your hands shortly.


  7. these guys were fucking great.they've done a bunch of reunion shows so you never know when they might show up.jeff has been playing in plastered bastards since submachine was still together and now their bass player has joined him.


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