Early 80's violent/drug-addled/mentally-disturbed/slightly inbred/butcher-as-a-day-job/chaotic hardcore freaks from the predominently "born-again/ cult of Amway" western side of Michigan.
Never really appreciated or accepted by "the scene", they eventually made their way out to San Francisco - only to be (for the most part) unaccepted here as well.

Some members have returned to the backwoods of MI, while others linger on in perpetual SF punker limbo.
Others have moved to Hawaii and become real estate magnate-slash-artists.

Rumor has it there will be a reunion in the fall of this year in S.F.

(If it weren't for these guys, I may not have made the move from MI to SF - thanks Smelly).

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Boom & the Legion of Doom - Hate to Love, Love to Hate

Now playing: Brainoil - Wielding Strength


  1. Ex-members of the mighty Crucifucks too.

  2. This band hasn't preformed toghether in almost 20 years .... East coast line up doing there last shows together in 1988 touring the midwest with FANG - West coast members along with some east coast guys getting together in S.F. Cali.left there mark in the bay area that is almost as lengendary as the one that was left in Detroit - about dozen or so members over the years coming from bands like TOXIC ATTITUDE - FANG - VERBAL ABUSE - HELLS KITCHEN - EDDIE AND THE WOLFGANG - and members leaving and going on to other bands that are leaving there stain on the underground music "scene" I will be Looking forward to this reunion show at BOOM FEST 2008 -

  3. Legion of Doom. Deer heads. If you know smelly, then possibly you know Todd Nugent?

  4. Yes, I know Tood.
    He lives in Maui now.
    he has a band called The Order of the White Rose.
    Crazy Fucker...

  5. I'm not crazy!

  6. ole\'BovineGuy12/27/2008 03:00:00 PM

    \nYou know Smelly and Todd? You should post their old Gitchee Gummee demo. That was some power violence! I probably have a tape if Smelly won\'t make you a copy... Does Smelly still live in SF? another post from Sean \'o Bovine...

  7. I remember when smelly mustafa wanted to hurt joel wick. I suppose he wasn't the only one. haha.

  8. Please re-upload. Please.

  9. This blog is DONE, son.
    It has been for some time now...


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