A staple back in the Nineties as far as Bay Area doomy sludgecore went, I'm thinkin' people appreciate them now more than they did back in the day.
I saw them play quite a few times over the years at some seriously fucked up house parties / warehouses, etc. and I just have to say that I MISS THEM.
(And the way the Mission music scene used to be in general).

Here's a kick-ass radio set, enjoy.

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Noothgrush - KZSU / Palo Alto CA 05.01.1996

Now playing: Acrid - Mindspasms


  1. Awesome. Thanks for this, man. Probably my favorite sludge/doom band next to 16. You're lucky to have seen them live.

  2. Thanks,I was missing them too.
    This band seems misrepresented on the blogosphere.

    In the same vein what about Hot Stove,Haruspex and Fathom Theory?

    And Recipients of Death?(OK,that was way before)
    Been surfing for one year and didn't find a single Mp3!

    I stop moaning,keep on bloggin!

  3. i used to live in sacto/davis through the mid to late 90s and would head up to the bay area from time to time to see shows, mostly at gilman.

    i was really into noothgrush, but it seemed that most gilman-goers opted to stand in the back heckling, waiting for capitalist casualties or whatever thrash-core band was playing that night.

    i think you're right, everyone else caught on too late.

    great post, thanx!

  4. I definitely caught on late, but I am a fan.

    And funny enough, I have been in the mood for some serious sludge and doom. Nick posted some live Burning Witch video on Damn Those Blood Suckers. Awesome if not strange vid. Only strange because of how slow it is.

  5. Thank you, great fucking set!!

  6. MR.T= Yes I agree that they are more praised now than when they were together crushing skulls! I too would trek to the Bay mainly the Gilman to give praise to the mighty NOOTHGRUSH just about every show and remember people heckling them. I still have a shirt I bought from them back in the mid nineties and a pillow case that I got from them to put all my distro purchases that I scored from their distro box! Very cool people and such an ass whoop'n band!

  7. Great stuff, this is my first listen. Thanks for turning me on!

    So, who's worth seeing at Gilman Street, now?

  8. Paris -

    Wish I had an answer for you, but I despise that fucking place and haven't been there in over 12 years.

  9. Thanks, lo-res. I guess I'll just keep my eye out for SF shows. Nothing ever lasts, I guess.

    Yours, Paris

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