Decent collection of unreleased material, Peel Sessions, early kick-ass stuff and more from this one-of-a-kind New York noise unit.
These guys came on the scene and killed it pretty hard for a few records before various substances and egos reared their ugly head and killed it all.

I doubt we'll ever see another band like these guys. We definitely won't see another precussion specialist like the way Phil Puleo used to bang on the various pieces of steel hanging from a rack, etc.
A band like this would go unappreciated by most if they came "on the scene" these days...

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Cop Shoot Cop - Standards of Evidence 1990-1995 Pt. I

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Cop Shoot Cop - Standards of Evidence 1990-1995 Pt. II

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  1. Awesome man. Helping people expand their tastes is always a good thing

  2. niiiiiice. I always liked these guys and they are definitely unique to any other band out there... when ppl used to ask me what they sounded like, the closest I could come up with was "if Jim Thirlwell (Foetus, etc) was a band instead of one dude"... some of my fave CSC tunes are on this... thanks!

  3. Killer stuff. If you've got Headkick Facsimile, please post that. They we're amazing live.

  4. these guys were a stable of my walkman back in the day, one of the bands that i kind of classify as you either get them or you dont, along with voi vod and die kreuzen i liked that most people coulndt bang their heads to them so thought them as 'wierd' well call me wierd coz i love that off tempo shit

  5. Nice Share, Great Band.


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