These guys were pretty far out - and ONE OF THE BEST - as far as hardcore in the 80's goes. Here's a few facts about what you're about to get into...

They were from Kent, Ohio and lived on a punk / hippie commune.
They had a communal home with no doors, and a giant fire pit outside.
These guys were into wheat grass and wheat meats back before it "part of the scene", and they were on fire politically due to Reagan Administration running shit into the ground.

Jimi Imij was the singer.
He was also in a "more famous" hardcore band called ODFX that had a cut on the "International P.E.A.C.E. comp" - I'll probably post that sometime at a later date.

Boom was the drummer.
Boom was not really a vegan/veggie dude, and used to have a "hidden cupboard" where he stashed his Snickers and Doritos.
He turned down a steady gig with the Crucifucks to play with these guys.
He went on to play in the previously-posted Boom & the Legion of Doom.
Boom was arrested for kicking over the four memorial stones at Kent State University.

He is also - allegedly - the illegitimate son of Hustler's own Larry Flynt.

Listen to this.

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Plasma Alliance - We Can't Wait

Now playing: Mico De Noche - Rancho Ramona


  1. Boom once gave me a Pabst on the street that was laced with liquid LSD and I was tripping for 3 days.

  2. YO great blog dude, i added your link on my page.

    keep up the good work.

  3. ScarletsBoom- great blog on Plasma Alliance.. come out to Thee Parkside on Sept 27th, Boom and the Legion of Doom are playing Boomfest 2008.

  4. ScarletsBoom -

    I'll definitely be there, Smelly will be staying at my house ;)

  5. I remember Plasma Alliance- 666- Cops Suck! Happy Meal. Many happy memories from1985.


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