Another hard-to-find Boner Records recording, this time it's Hell's Kitchen featuring former members of Fang and The Boneless Ones.
That should be enough information for you to figure out what this sounds like, right?

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Hell's Kitchen - If You Can't Take The Heat...

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  1. Right on. Like yourself, I've swapped in my Michigan residency for the allure of the left coast. In my case, Lansing to San Diego.

    A squared is a rad place, though. Probably the only city in Michigan you can legitimately say that about.

    Also, nice work on the Man is a Bastard stuff.

  2. Ah, San Diego.
    Ron Burgundy...
    Seriously though, I go back to MI once or twice a year to visit the family in Bay City, and I usually take in a Tigers/Pistons/Red Wings game, hit up Zingerman's and the Wolvering Diner in Ypsitucki, and chill w/ a good friend in Royal Oak.

    I always wanted to call Detroit home, but there will never be anything progressive and REAL going on there.

    A2 is definitely the only place that was ever somewhat creative and vibrant, but now it just seems so soulless (and overrun w/ NY law & med students)...

  3. If anyone out there has the Hells Kitchen Demo please share. I had the cassette many years ago and I like the versions of those songs better than the LP ones (ie Aint No Beer).

    The last 10 years I've learned that San Diego is kind of a weird place for a Punk scene. Many bands skip coming here because they play in LA the next day. My friends in Portland, OR used to have similar complaints due to the proximity to Seattle.

    Anyway, besides the old Battalion Of Saints, one of my favorite SD bands was called the Neighbors. Definitely up your alley if you haven't heard them yet (send me an email if you want to hear some tracks).

  4. I'd love to hear the demo as well as the 'Fistful of Chicken' LP, so if anyone has that stuff - send a link already, damn!

  5. I forgot about these guys, pretty great damn funny stuff here. Thanks!

  6. ole\'BovineGuy12/27/2008 02:57:00 PM

    \nSaw these guys play in Madison - I was one of three people in the audience, they weren\'t getting paid shit, and they rocked out like they were playing in front of a packed house. Nowhere near my favorite Boner band, but I would have paid to see them do their Spinal Tap meets punk metal thing again!


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