Well, FäTI was diggin' around in the way back section of the L-R V again, and since he asked so nicely, I've re-upped The Accüsed - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral.

This is easily one of my 5 favorite albums ever, so FUCK YES I'm gonna share...


  1. NW heroes...along with Poison Idea. Saw them play in basement parties w/ 20 people and eventually in front of thousands at the big punk shows.

    What was up with their old drummer Dana....his "techniques" were a bit rudimentary at best. I always thought he was dyslexic and would lead snare instead of bass drum. Imagine how unstoppable they would have been in the 80's if they had their later years drummer Alex playing instead of Dana!

  2. I saw them in Flint Mi on this tour, maybe 1987 or so? I can't remember the date, but they fucking kicked my ass. I always liked Dana's drumming because he always looked like he was gonna lose all control each and every second (which I'm sure was not far from the truth). Alex is a GOOD drummer though, and yeah, I dig him as well. This record fucking kills so much...

  3. Thanks a bunch! My guitar teacher got me into these guys. He was in that Bay Area band Tyrannicde. Remember them? He turned me onto a lot of great stuff like Nomeansno (when they were good), the Melvins, The Accused.
    This is a good flashback.

  4. Awesome Thanks. I hadn't heard this in at least a minimum of 10 to 15 years. Nice one!!


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