How is it that Chris Colohan has only ever been in rad bands?

It's fucking amazing the track record that guy has - damn shame that Cursed called it a day recently - but I'm sure it won't be long before the dust settles and the core players involved will come screaming out of the gates of hardcore hell once again.

Here's some "classic" Canadian HC from the dudes who brought you bands like Fucked Up, Left For Dead, The Swarm, & Career Suicide as well as Cursed.

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Ruination - Year One

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  1. well very thanks for this post, all Hardcore bands from Canada are gretaest for me, well not all, but in the IRE school are my favorites...
    Very thanks

  2. Thanks, I'll give this a listen as I'm going to a Fucked Up show next week in London and wouldn't mind hearing a bit o' their history.

  3. Fucked Up are really amazing band too. and all bastards sons of IRE (like The Black Hand, Fucked Up, Cursed, Ruination, etc etc)

  4. ooh, I saw these guys and own this one. You forgot to mention that this has Ebro from Charles Bronson on drums, and Andy Dempz from Bloodpact/Nightbringer on guitar. Ruination were kindof a supergroup and according to the notes in the CD, because everyone lived in different states and countries, all their recordings were done within days of getting the songs written, which should have meant that it was a sloppy chaotic mess, but it isn't. At worst, they had a loose 'Black Flag' sort of immediacy. Highly recommended stuff.

  5. Fast as fuck too. After the sludgy headfuck of Cursed, I was pleasantly surprised.


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