Hardcore-gone-jazz straight outta Salt Lake City.
They were on Revelation and Victory back in the day, yet they weren't really a hardcore band. Shit got even weirder after this record - which is jazzed-out-to-the-max. Good stuff to expand your mind (and your collection), check it out!

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Iceburn - Poetry of Fire

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  1. nice on again. always loved this band but never had this disc. the split 12" with Engine Kid on Revelation was a favorite of mine when it came out. marble vinyl n' all. great band. arguably responsible for all the "math"-core bands around these days.

  2. I definitely love this band. When I bought Hephaestus back in the day I nearly flipped. At first I was like "What did I buy?!" But I LOVED it! I still do. I bought that victory 7" after that and then Firon... and was even m ore surprised. "What! they use to be an actual hardcore band?!"


    To be honest though, I never heard anything after the Engine Kid split (until now).

    I do have a 2006 recording of Iceburn with Clann de Zu or something like that. I can up that if you want. Very doomy and strange. Not altogether bad...

  3. blend, could you upload that recording of iceburn & clann zu? Thanks!

  4. Meant to comment on this ages ago. Brilliant stuff, thanks for sharing. Kind of a prefiguration of Yakuza, or something. Definitely great for working to.

  5. Thank you for adding to my collection!
    Have you listened to EAGLE TWIN? It is Gentry from Iceburn and the drummer from Form Of Rocket.
    Basicly fucked up huge doom/avaunt whatever on Sothern lord.
    They are nice dudes too!

  6. Sounds like good stuff - UNTIL YOU HAD TO MENTION SOUTHERN LORD.
    Those guys can KISS. MY. DICK.


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