THE B-52's.

This one ought to throw you for a loop...

There was a time back when I was a young teenager that I really dug these guys and girls. The first four records are pretty amazing; even to this day I can pull them out now & then.
When Ricky Wilson died, the band went to shit in my opinion, and turned into a "VH-1 Party Band for Adults" or what not. There was a time though when the B-52's made some interestingly fresh sounding tunes, and here's a seriously fucking GOOD live show from 1979 to prove it.

The sound quality is exceptional on this as far as a live show goes. Check it out.

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The B-52's - 01.17.1979 Paradiso, Amsterdam

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  1. very true on the early B-52s. always a good quirky time. some tunes were misses, but hey what band didn't have any?

  2. This one did throw me for a loop bro, definately not what I expected from you. What the hell though still damn good stuff, especially this early set. '79 was about the year I first got into these folks. Threw that one on the hard drive and cooked it, thanx for a taste of something a bit different.

  3. I just saw them a little over a month ago, great time, the crowd was a mixed bag and the seating was not general admission. But did they kick em out, great show and no pop lip sync BS. Glad I saw them, had not seen them since 87


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