They were from a small town in Northern Ohio and in the early eighties they made a name for themselves in the era of "Midwest Rules" hardcore.

You either love them or hate them - either way you can never find their "good records" anywhere.

Here's a bootleg containing all the early 7"s & LP's, & some live stuff as well.

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Necros - Conquest For Death (Bootleg)

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  1. Sweet! I was just thinking I was going to have to break out the turntable to listen to their IQ32 7". These guys were hometown anti-heroes and a big influence on me as a wee punk rocker back in the proverbial day.

  2. I hear ya, Pat.
    I even ended up with an "IQ 32" 7" cover art tattoo...

  3. just got into these guys - good upload, thanks alot dude.


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