As per Janfitc's requests, here's some new U/L links for Phobia, Capricorns, & Grey Daturas.

I wish I could re-up the Taiho link as well, but my CDs by them were stolen a few years back, so if anyone has anything by them PLEASE HOOK ME UP.

I also thought about posting the newest Capricorns release but after a few listens I'm sad to say the party is over. It's a major disappointment if you ask me which bums me out, cuz I really dug "Ruder Forms Survive".

(I'll be posting some new stuff soon, just trying to find the time to do so.
Between my trip to Chicago, a getaway to Tahoe this past weekend, my son starting kindergarten today, and a heavy workload as of late I hope to have my head above water soon, per se).


  1. Man, I definitely agree with you on the Capricorns 'bum. It just doesn't feel like their hearts are in it.

  2. TOTALLY agree on that new Capricorns. What the fuck?

  3. It's weird cuz I thought they were a pretty excellent band w/ a good pedigree.
    As far as stoner/doom/sludge bands go these days, about 95% of them completely suck.
    So many rehashed riffs by dudes who don't rock, ya know?

    It pains me to say that, but it's fucking true.
    Very few do that genre any sort of justice these days.

    Don't even get me started on the genres known as "metalgaze" (ha ha), drone, and - sad to say - black metal...

  4. Well, sad to say, the boy is back at Little Bear until a spot opens for him @ Harvey Milk. They say he should be in within the next two weeks.
    The school district picked Cesar Chavez for us, but that school had the lowest test scores in The City so we passed on it. We initially wanted Alvarado, but so did the rest of the world, ha ha.
    Hopefully things will work out for us though, and soon.

    Where did A end up?

    You can hit me @ my email (in the sidebar) if you want, and good to hear from you, C.

  5. YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the re-upping these. And putting up some Bloodlet too!!!!! I plan on have a very LOUD weekend!


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