I wish I could tell you more about this thrashy/metallic darkened-hardcore crew from Japan, but web presence is nearly non-existent.
I will tell you that they fucking kick ass with their solid (and fresh) approach to hardcore without all the usual cliches that come with the genre.

If anyone has any more info, or better cover art, or images, or just more music in general from these guys (and a girl) please share, willya?

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Muga - Muga

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  1. i worked at this all ages place in seattle and they played with another band from japan called tomorrow. when they were all loaded out after the show (that ruled) they came back and gave me a t shirt, even with a language barrier they seemed pretty cool. other than that i can't really provide any useful or relevant information.

  2. Well I got some tracks from the Japanese Assault compilation... They might be on this album too, I don't know. I'll download and have a look.

  3. Ah, wish I could help. I have a demo and a split they did with a Swarrrm which I got from the Crustmas blog, I think.

  4. This band is ridiculously good. Burning Spirits meets HHIG... I'm Sold!

    The dudes at Cephalochromoscope blog posted this and Muga's outstanding split with Swaaarm down here:


    I have the LP of the S/T record. I'll try and make scans and if they're any good, I'll send them to you (unless someone beats me to it).

  5. Yep, I only know them from being standout on the Japanese Assault comp.

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  7. They also put out a tape called The Road to Asura which was fucking rad. Probably my favorite stuff.

  8. Tyrone -
    I have that & a demo as well.
    I don't have that Japanese Assault comp though, gotta track that one down.

  9. Would it be possible at all to post the demo? I don't think I've heard that stuff before.

  10. Tyrone -

    You can find the demo at this excellent fucking blog:



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