A precursor to the wonderful Oxbow, Whipping Boy (also) probably didn't make alot of friends with their chaotic hardcore stylings and outrageous and intimidating demeanor. They were definitely an acquired taste, and in my opinion were pure fucking genius.
A unique band for sure.

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Whipping Boy - Subcreature: The Fucked Years 1981 - 1983

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  1. Damn!! Highly Underrated, very unappreciated and nearly forgotten band. The one and only band to take on the Misfits head on at a show. If I'm not mistaken they won that fight as well. I heard three rumors about this band over the years. One was that a member became a MD in the late eighties, another being that one of the guys in a later line up never spoke English and they just communicated through music. The final rumor I heard was that The Meatmen song "Tooling For Anus" was supposed to be directed at these guys which I still don't understand considering they beat up the big ol' touch Misfit boys (This is sarcasm, okay) I was taller and bigger than Jerry when I was a 16 year old beanpole. The last time I saw them I accidentally scared him a little. Ha, Ha!

  2. Has anybody ever heard their Muru Muru album? While the ret was just so-so, that one really does it.


  3. One of their members IS a doctor now! Their guitarist is a surgeon. He's a great guy!

  4. Thank you so much for putting this up! I've been looking for Whipping Boy's stuff everywhere. Criminally under-rated band of the eighties hardcore scene.


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