One of Detroit's best-kept secrets as far as hardcore bands go.

Probably the first "punk show" I ever witnessed was these guys, Dissonance, & The Crucifucks.

I got to know know the singer Nate 'Puker" over the years, and would stay at his place on occasion.
We would always drink too much and go to the donut shop on the corner near his house. One cold January day while walking back to his crib, the cops rolled up the back alley behind his house and in the dumpster they found some "fresh hooker parts".

I don't think the Detroit Hooker Serial Killer was ever caught.
Good times in The Motor City...

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Forced Anger - Pent Up / Summer of Hate

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  1. Around the late 80s Karen Neal (then from Inside Out and later Thrall and Queen Bee) gave my friend a tape of all Detroit bands. On it were Inside Out, Heresy, Son of Sam and two tracks ("Human..." and "Wish you...") from Forced Anger. It was all interesting but I was really blown away by FA.

    In the late 90s I found a copy of the demo tape from which this post comes-- I haven't looked at that tape in a few years, but I think you may have more tracks here (is the a reissue?). The cover you posted here looks different than my tape. Thanks for not making start my own blog to share this :)

    Jason D./Royal Oak, MI

  2. Wow... Karen Neal!
    I haven't thought about her in like a million years.
    She was really cool, nice to everybody, etc.
    I got to make out with her at a Helios Creed show in Ann Arbor a long fucking time ago, ha ha!

    I lost my actual cassette of this years ago in one of many moves, but I grabbed this from here:


    Check it!


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