Thought I'd go back and re-up this choice demo from the Dead Kennedys for reader Elvis (who knows how to comment - THANK YOU).

Hopefully it'll stick around for a while this time...

Definitely grab this as you hardly see it anywhere these days; it's quite interesting to hear these versions of classic Nor-Cal hardcore favorites - they stand up well next to the finished product.


  1. I love the DK demo, thanks for the Post.

  2. Hey J, glad you're back. I can't beleive I didn't pick this up the first time around. This one would make a good bootleg. Thanx man.

  3. Thanks again!!! I can feel the love! Let me know if there is some way I can get you the Fang-Pissed Off Buddha Sessions if you want? On honest confession I'm not too, too computer savvy. So thanks again and sorry about my other Fang rant back there. I guess I don't have self realization how things sound when they are typed out sometimes.

    Hunka-Hunka-Outta Dodge!!


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