While the rock pedigree of Fargo, ND runs hella deep, these guys were the undisputed KINGS of noise rock from the "Gateway to the West".

They were also one of the first bands to feature the "power duo" lineup consisting of only two members - something that has become rather trendy these days, and frankly, most bands who have attempted this suck at it...

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Godhead Silo - Elephantitus of the Night

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  1. Thanks, Jase! You know, I was talking to a guy yesterday who told me ghS was his favorite band - no shit! And I was thinking to myself: 'I should listen to these guys more often'.

  2. Although I never saw them play, I heard first-hand accounts of the obscene amount of cabinetry and volume these guys played through. The photo kinda verifies that... Thanks for this album.

  3. BG -

    I saw them live numerous times, and yes, the "cabinetry" was ALWAYS excessive; lots of interesting-looking/semi-operating effects pedals & obsolete transistor radio-looking amp heads as well as the usual king daddy SVT's all wires together to make a massive wall of thunder-skree.

    Every time I saw them you were laughing along w/ them between songs, and cringing in (beautiful) pain throughout the songs...

  4. you can never go wrong with love of bmx either

  5. Thanks for posting. I was listening to the Scientific Supercake album not too long ago and was wondering why I didn't have this one anymore.

    Did you ever here the Smoke and Smoke? It's GHS and Spencer from Murder City Devils. If you're a a fan of these guys you might like it as well.

    Thanks again...

  6. Yeah, I heard the Smoke & Smoke stuff, but to be honest, it doesn't do much for me.
    I never liked Murder City Devils - especially the vocals.

    Kinda weird, huh?
    I'm like the only guy I know who didn't like MCD...

  7. nice one. i saw them a couple times myself. the thing that sticks out the most in my memory about their stage set-up was one of the biggest kick drums ever...

  8. You should check out Enemymine.It's a trio(2 basses and drummer) . It's the band Mike Kunka did after ghS. GOOD STUFF if you like ghS. I agree, ghS were one of the BEST bands of the 90's. They destroyed live...

  9. Cheers man, another band that i've always meant to properly get around to. Keep up the good work!


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