True kings of S.F. Hardcore from an era that pretty much was the end of hardcore in this town.
Seems like all "the kids" have decided to make some electro-sallyboy disco shit, or even worse - "free jazz"...

These guys ruled.
I saw them at many a great warehouse spot / house party / garage abandoned storefront, etc.
I'm sure my boy Aesop could tell you how good they were.
I'll always miss S.F. bands like these guys, but alas, "the scene ain't what it used to be"...

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Fuckface - Fuckface

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  1. Welcome back dude. So I figured out why your Bathtub Shitter upload kept getting deleted on mediafire; I upped the same album for a friend, and Masato from the band sent me an email asking to take it down, haha. He's a pretty friendly guy, though.

  2. On top of that--I wouldn't bother uploading any band that's on Relapse...they seem to crack down on that shit.

  3. Fred - Thanks dude, I had fun in Chicago. Drank my balls off, but still felt pretty good. Ate some good food, hung with some good friends, and saw some really tall buildings. It was hot as fuck, too.

    As far as the BTS link goes, yeah, I figured the band killed the link. They seem to kill all links of their material out there in due time, and yeah, they are cool dudes. I guess they gotta make $$$, but when you only do small runs of material, how are you gonna make any $$$, ya know?
    Let the music be heard!

    Also, I got slapped with some sort of "legal bullshit" from Relapse a while back about posting the new Coldworker a while back. I just took the whole post down because, while I loved Nasum and the first Coldworker record, the new one is a piece of shit anyways, so fuck 'em.

  4. Hahaha, wow. I don't know what I would do if a label contacted me directly and threatened me...would probably be scared shitless. Luckily, labels have only contacted me about sending comps. and shit since we're on the radio.

    Glad to hear the Chicago trip was a success, man.

  5. Glad to see someone posting fuckface, I have been a fan of this record for ever its too bad they are kinda underated/unknown outside of the bay area.

  6. Fred - It was no big thing, really.
    I just took it down and I never heard from them again.
    I figure a big label like that doesn't want to spend much time with a small-time blogger. They'd rather shut down big sharing sites (Demonoid/Oink/Pirate Bay) types. Whatever...

  7. thanx for linked my blog, and thanx for the stuff you're putting up!

  8. Yesssss. I could write a book on Fuckface, my old housemates and some of my all time favorite people.. That book would have alot of poo, meth, blood, blue dye (they know what I mean), PCP, punches to the grill, hunger, crime, fucking, crying and whisky. Don't forget Artemis Pyle and Nigel Pepper Cock, two great post Fuckface entities. Thanks for posting this, I never saved one of these for myself.

  9. Aesop -
    I almost felt like I should have waited for you to post these guys...

    Artemis Pyle is one of my fucking favorites that gets alot of airplay around these parts on a weekly basis, and "The Cock" was pretty out of control every time I seen them as well...

  10. I further celebration...could we get the Hickey lp? Or maybe a Hickey discography?

  11. Gray -

    Hit up Aesop over at:


    He used to be in Hickey.

    I don't have anything by them on CD format, wish I did!

  12. you can find everything Hickey and F-Boyz over at www.mattyluv.com

    thanks for the blog, lo-res

    -Danny B.

  13. 2 of these guys used to live in oklahoma and had a band called Ancient Chinese Penis who threw some pretty fun shows in the early 90's....Mike

  14. Hickey/Fuckface split 7".


    I still like to comb the net to find anything else by Fuckface. I can't even find a discography!

  15. I miss Fuckface they were so good! My old band played a show with them in Fairfield, CA, actually they didn't play the cops shut down the show because they didn't thing a band with the word "fuck" in their name was representative of Fairfield or some shit


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