I'm sure I have used the word "shred" to describe at least a few of my posts, but let me tell you this - nothing I have posted before shreds like this...

Mind-melting ultra-mega technical death/grind calisthenics going on here, without sounding like they are just trying to be the fastest band alive. They are also looking for a new drummer at this point so if you think you got skills thick enough, holler...

D/L Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting right here.

(I just installed a fuckload of new brushes in my Photoshop application, so be prepared for overkill from here on out).

Now playing: Rammer - From Russia ...

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  1. holy shit, i think ima gonna hunt this fucker down, deffinatly the reason why i dick around on blogger, is to find great music thats new to me.

    keep it up man, and have a great time back in Mi.


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