A band that certainly needs no introduction, here's probably the only other CD you need by them besides the also-excellent "Total Recall" collection.

These guys probably influenced more hardcore bands than any other - no doubt about it - and John Brannon can scrape a bong cleaner than anyone else I have seen in my life...

D/L Negative Approach - Ready To Fight: Demos, Live and Unreleased Tracks 1981 - 1983 right here.

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  1. Man, this band was the shit. I got the lovely 2xLP if this (the best way to enjoy '80's hardcore) but I've been wanting to get the unreleased tracks for the ol' portable player. Thanks for posting!

  2. Glad I could help out, BG.

    NA was one of the very first shows I ever attended as a freshman in high school, and that whole Detroit scene back then warped my very young mind right from that moment on.
    I didn't see alot of shows as I was too young to drive, and lived far from most of these gigs, plus I was just a little shit who wasn't cool at all, but yeah... the midwest hc scene is deep in my heart still.

  3. Yes. Negative Approach. "Tied Down" changed my life forever, if not for that record my life would have turned out quite stale.

  4. Thanx for Negative Approach - Ready To Fight...gracias

  5. Elvis is everywhere!8/20/2008 08:33:00 AM

    These guys are still in my top 10 to this day!! I even bought those really muddy and horrible sounding bootlegs that circulated about 10-15 years ago. As always I thank you!

  6. Negative Approach one of the best! a credit to Hardcore, dose what it says on the tin...

  7. Great, thanks a lot for this one, total awesome hc.
    check out there's a whole set live at a tv show on youtube

  8. Lo-Res Viscera8/20/2009 04:55:00 PM

    If you look closely, there's a little kid wearing an orange safety vest - that's ME.


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