Once upon a time there was this wicked thrash band from Detroit.
They fucking slayed the place, put out a record on the legendary Michigan label Depression Records (of which I will post more from at a later date), moved to San Francisco, killed it there, and then I think they just kind of imploded, and went back to Detroit.

They put out another version of these recordings with a somewhat different line-up, but it doesn't come close to the power they harnessed on these sessions.

For all I know the recording I have posted may have never seen an actual "official" release - they were slated to come out on Depression records as well, but the band went down in flames before that could happen.

Enjoy a great lost piece of Detroit Thrash history that still stands tall today...

Ugly But Proud - Bein' Ugly Is Alright

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In the meantime, enjoy the savage posts I have prepared in advance for you all...

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  1. No shit! I keep an old flyer for a show at Gilman St in Berkeley (88-89), don't quite remember them but this will refresh those memories.

    Old but proud (hehe)


  2. Really cool to see you posting stuff from the depths of obscure MI HC like Boom & The Legion of Doom and Ugly but Proud. Do you have the Skraps 7"? Someone I knew had a tape of a bunch of songs I never saw released anywhere else (stolen from the band I had heard).

    Forced Anger
    Jam Rag
    Trash and Other Thrash zine (still have a copy around here somewhere)

    Born and raised here in in Michigan, just moved to Royal Oak...I work as a graphic designer for Art Van, if you remember that company :D

    Ah, the memories.


  3. Personally I could have done without the"...Drugs probably.."comment.A little respect,please. Otherwise thanks for keeping it alve!!! We are planning a reunion show in MI this Dec. Remember, BEIN' UGLY IS ALRIGHT!! Ugly Mike

  4. Sorry about that, Mike.
    I'll fix that right now..

    I am honored that you stopped by my blog though, and PLEASE let me know where I can stay posted on the reunion status of UBP - I'd like to come back to MI for that one!

  5. i visited my dad in detroit in 93 my friends that were in another almost made rock band from detroit took me to blondies to see ugly but proud from that point on i was hooked on metal


  6. Lo-Res Viscera8/04/2009 10:41:00 PM

    Yep, I saw them open for Slayer way the fuck back at The Ritz in Detroit. They blew me away; they had a dude who sat front & center in a ratty old Barcalounger who just smoked cigarettes & drank beer for the whole set - Ugly George.
    They fucking ruled.

  7. What about fuckin' DEATH CORP!!!!!!!! They were the real Detroit masters of Black Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest In Pieces!!!!!

    1. Death Corps were awesome too - I have a collection of their stuff as well - I still talk to the singer Gino from time to time, and - for the record - they were thrash / death... Black Metal wasn't really a thing yet, but the both of these bands were / still are better than 90% of the fucking Black Metal douchebag 2-man hipster "cvlt" bullshit lo-fi shoegayser elitist BULLSHIT black metal bands... such a scene...


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