While I wasn't a huge Amebix fan (suprised to hear that, aren't you?), Zygote came next for most of the members of afforementioned band and they fucking kick my ass.
Wish they would have lasted longer than they did.
Amazing fucking album!

Zygote - A Wind of Knives

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  1. nice to see someone else recognize this group... I had put this up a while back myself (2814)... I wouldn't say I disliked Amebix, but like yourself I always preferred Zygote. good one :)

  2. I always liked Amebix - still do - probably like them more now than I did when I was first listening to them, but I'd have to say that Zygote "went" different places with their music. To me thye took more chances musically, and didn't just stick to the (rad but narrow) form that crusty stuff usually does. But yeah, I loves me some crust too.
    Bottom line is that these guys were ahead of their time.

  3. wow what compliments!Most folk resented the band for not being Amebix(we did actaully make an amebix fan cry at one point), Zygote was an odd band that always did best at 3 in the morning at a free festival with a bunch of freaks frying on acid for an audience,half of the band were previous Smart Pils members (a tribal gothic acid punk band ,imagine xmal deutchland meets killing joke meets hawkwind)the 2 non zygote members of smart pils did actually join hawkwind.
    The only current active connections are Amebix who reformed and Cross stitched eyes ( both alternative tentacles).


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