"Where Legend Began" is a record I bought for $3.98 new at some really bad mall record chain store when I was like in 8th. or 9th. grade living in a small town in Mid-Michigan. I'm pretty sure I bought a Devo record and a Ted Nugent that day as well.

This was probably the only "punk rock" record in the store; most likely wasn't supposed to be shipped to that store or something, but I bought it and it was totally NOT what I expected it to sound like. I was thinking something along the lines of G.B.H. or Anti-Nowhere League as to what it might sound like.
All my friends hated it, but I still love it.


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  1. funny how time can bring a new appreciation for things... I never cared for these guys much before either but decided to give em another whirl with this today... surprised me how impressed I am with it now compared to my teenage years.

    I guess their appearance is one thing, but that cover should have given some clue about the contents ;)

  2. FUCK YEAH! \m/

    While I've never listened to English Dogs specifically, this is EXACTLY the kind of shit I grew up listening to.

    This is bringing me back like nobody's business.


  3. english dogs are completely insane. not too many people really appreciate how awesome they really are!! i'm currently on a mission to find the vinyls, and thank you for upping the mp3s. the mp3s i've had were quite dodgy to say the least.

  4. please post other English dogs release, it's so fuckin good!!!


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