Blistering hardcore that is even a bit melodic - but not "pussed-out" and poppy in any way.
Sometimes it even reminds of the mighty Negative Approach at times.
While alot of bands can claim they try to emulate that style of hardcore, these guys conjure up that "feeling" for me without sounding like cookie-cutter clones of said style.

Definitely one of the better hardcore bands of the '90's to come out of Cleveland. Somehow they melded power, energy, volume, and metal with their punk rock and came out NOT sounding like a metalcore band - I like that.

D/L Nine Shocks Terror - Paying Ohmage right here.

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  1. Strange when I first heard this I passed it over, then I kicked myself when I tried to track it down later. Great band with classy pedigree of band members.


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