By request for 'ol Fred the Mindgrinder, here's some catchy 90's Floridian-in-origin sludgeness for you all...

(Much better than Torche).

Floor - Floor


  1. That's like comparing Scream to Foo Fighters! :D

  2. The funny thing about the Scream-versus-Foo Fighters comparison is that Dave Grohl came in to the band after they started to suck. The first two Dischord records are fucking classic.

    Nothing Grohl has ever done is worth a shit in my book - aside from the Killing Joke album.

    Man, I'm an opinionated motherfucker this morning ;)

  3. iSapien19566726/02/2008 08:45:00 PM

    also grabbed this on saturday, then i stroll into my local metal bar/restaurant Kuma's Corner, and they have this on their wall next to municipal waste

  4. that's not completly true,Probot wasn't really bad.

  5. You're right about Probot not being "really bad".

    It wasn't very good, either!

    Dave Grohl is NOT metal, so I wouldn't expect much from him in that department anyways.
    It was a good concept (Probot), but the songwriting sucked bigtime.

    Floor was a fucking great band though - that's what we're really talking about here anyways...

  6. i downloa...erghh bought that album just for the people who were involved in it,wino and lemmy don't just play with anyone...

  7. That fact is debatable, but if you like that record, great.

    Now, back to that Floor record...

  8. so back to our initial talking subject...i'm not sure which is better,their s/t or dove..what do you think ?

  9. I think both records have their own flavor. Both records are solid. Can't say I like one better than the other really, although I guess I play the S/T more (maybe because I can't find my copy of Dove)?


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