Hard-to-find record from these East Bay Heathen Scum hardcore heavyweights.
Not quite as raw (hardcore) as their previous releases, but still this is a pretty decent album.
The drug (ab)use as well as the collective unstable psyche of band personnel at the time is laid bare for all to see, essentially...

D/L Fang - Spun Helga right here.

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  1. i've been looking all over for later fang albums - you rule for posting this! thanks

  2. Really got the hardcore thing going around here lately. Bands I had totally forgotten about, including Fang. Your like Nostrodamus bro. Thanx for these.

  3. thanks so much for this, ive been looking for it. if you have it, can you post a rip of the A Mi Ga Sfafas LP?

  4. I'll be posting A Mi Ga Sfafas soon.
    It's my favorite Fang album behind "Landshark".

    stay tuned

  5. Great to get this later Fang stuff thanks! Had the 2 mini-Lp's in the day, along with a red "We are cool - give us money" shirt, but sold 'em down the line to pay the rent. Fang were definitely one of the most original-sounding hardcore bands... Excellent blog, by the way, just found the Tales of Terror LP here too!... only ever heard them on the Them Boners Be Popping comp... (still have it)- that one featured another interesting local band - The Boneless Ones... don't suppose you have that?? Top of my wants list! take it easy...

  6. I do have The Boneless Ones - been meaning to post it - but have been having no luck finding a band shot to post along with it.
    I'll probably post it w/o.

    thanks for stopping by

  7. Who can't fall in love with 'Tits And Oi!" Age has made this album slip my mind until a friend brought a copy over and asked me to transfer a copy of it. I forgot how a lot of people felt this one was weak. It is their weakest in some spots for perhaps the decade but it is 50 per cent great Fang material and contains perhaps the best Madonna tribute of all time. Maybe one day Sammy will finally listen to us and put this LP, A Mi Ga Sfafas and the Pissed Off Buddha sessions out on one CD. I have a copy of the Pissed Off Buddha sessions and they kind of equal with some of the Spun Helga material. However all Fang is worth your time! Thanks again!!!!

  8. Elvis, Please post the Pissed off Buddah tape. Classic stuff I have not heard since before Sammy "went awway".

  9. Hey yeah, I'll second the request for Pissed Off Buddha - it's been supposedly coming out for years on CD on Malt Soda, but it never happens. I'll buy the CD if it ever comes out, but in the meantime I just wanna hear the damn thing. Anyone?? Cheers!!

  10. If I ever track it down, I'll post it, but it has been eluding me for years...

  11. I would but an update from the Malt Soda guy as well as Sammy told me some time ago, the tapes in entirety are to be released February 2011. From what Sammy told me I'm a track or two short so I'll be shelling out some dough.

    Cheers, Elvis.

  12. <> So will I. Thanks for the info...

  13. Is Pissed Off Buddha the one with Mother Goose... I had that on tape (and may still) Good stuff! Fang was always a fun show! I've been singing Fun With Acid a lot lately with all the helicopters buzzin' around due to the Occupy Oakland activity! "I can see the lights.." HAHAHA

  14. yes, mother goose is on Pissed Off... You can find it here at interpunk:


    the cd also has 2 other fang albums, and comes with a Fang DVD

    One of the top 3 American punk bands in my opinion. And if you don't know it, there's also a really interesting short documentary about Sammy, that was made a few years ago. You can watch it on the film-maker's youtube channel. Do a search for WELCOME TO SAMMYTOWN...



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