Alright, this one's by request, and in a way, it's my favorite Fang record behind Landshark. While this ain't the drunken violent sing-along that was the first record, this LP sees a dark and cynical Fang careening rapidly towards that fateful incident...

D/L Fang - A Mi Ga Sfafas? right here.


  1. Haha I love that album cover! Pure class.


  2. not to forget that it has the best cover song in the history of punk!

  3. Thanks! You saved me the time and trouble of doing this job myself! This is one of...if not my most favourite of the eighties Fang releases. Well this and Landshark and the "They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D." track off of the Rat Music LP. I also don't care to hear any bad words about Sammy McBride either. I met him, I knew him and he has suffered for the choices he made. If you just want to throw stones because you "think" you know what happened that day...guess again. Review your own audacity and stop judging the guy.

  4. Hey "Elvis"...

    While Sammy may have suffered for the choices he made, he took someone's life.

    Do you understand that part?

    He has to live with that, and there's alot of people who will always miss Dixie because she's dead, while he gets another chance at life.
    She's sorely missed by alot of people.

    That sucks.

    While I've met Sammy before and after the fact, I still like the guy.
    It's a hard situation to grasp, and while I may not have been directly affected by what went down, some good friends of mine were deeply affected by this.

    All in all, it's neither yours or mines' business, and I only hinted at what happened without "throwing stones" as you said I had the audacity to do. Just the facts of a sad reality, but hey, this was about a record and not an incident, right?

    My two cents.

  5. I think I was completely misunderstood with my previous statement. I never accused you of throwing anything at the guy. It was a generic statement. Sorry if it was misconstrued as a personal attack. I know the part you speak of and it was tragic concerning the loss of Dixie's life. What I was nipping at is that there are several elements to that fateful event that I and a cohort have been after McBride about to reveal in a book. A friend and I by accident gathered and stumbled across several answers to unanswered questions a while back which would explain somewhat why aside to age (well fuck, he isn't hardly that much older than us) that he maintains an almost acute under the radar existence these days.

  6. Huh?

    It's hard to follow you through your cryptic writing,, there Elvis.

    You did accuse me of throwing stones the first time around, but to tell you the truth, I don't really care. I'm not out to slander OR protect Sammy.

    I've already stated my points of view on the issue.

    Fang was a great band. Period.


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