Some tasty grindcore you today, here's the first album from Germany's Mörser who just so happen to have not one but FOUR different vocalists at any given time! Some hot metallic / deathy leads thrown in and as an American the lyrics sound even more brutal in German.

Mörser - Two Hours To Doom

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  1. In the process of downloading this right now bro, but I had to comment. "The land of fat white people" had me rolling man, if you can imagine that in front of the computer. I guess Kansas and Michigan have more than one thing in common. Do these same people have vehicle cemetaries in their yards?

  2. Yes.

    They also have an affinity for bathtub madonnas as well as way too "yard decorations".

    Fuckloads of American flags and those fucking magnetic "support" ribbons for everything.

    I feel bad for troops cuz war is fucked, but I also thin k magnets on a fucking gas guzzling car don't mean shit as far as support goes, except for the company who made the fucking magnet, ya know?

  3. Ah, the magnetic support ribbons, on the counter to be sold in every convenience store in western Kansas. I'm like you, I feel a little bad for these troops but in a way when you enlist you are saying you will die because someone tells you to. Pretty controversial war this one anyway and in general the US doesn't do this kind of stuff unless there's profit to be made. I personally am not profiting and actually now have to pay more to live. We actually have the start of a vehicle graveyard if you count a truck, a mower and a recliner. Haven't quite moved up to dead tractors and farm equipment yet.

    BTW way these guys rip it up and many thanx for your postings.

  4. Enlistment sucks, but some people "need" that?
    I don't fucking know.
    My brother was in the army, and he got out okay.
    He fucking hates the military, but was told it would "make him a mn", etc. I could never do it, and he's an awesome guy who I am glad is alive and healthy and NOT CRAZY from the shit he saw.

    Young "adults" do not beling in wars fighting for goD or oiL.
    Fuck that shit!

    This war is a failure for "us" as the gas prices in SF are always the most in the country on a daily basis - or does that actually mean that this war is a "success"?


  5. Well said my friend, especially in regards to the young people. GOD, WEALTH (oil) and POWER the motivations of war. Was it Doom that sang that war is big business? People are profiting but it's not you and me J. A little thing of spagetti used to 33 cents at the store and in less than a year its up to 68. Very small example but when you're like me in a depressed economy getting 3% raises a year, it's a big deal. You know one thing about the midwest is that folks are very inventive with duct tape and bailing wire, you might say we are on the cutting of that particular technology.

    On a side note bro, I have a request. I now you didn't like the idea of my other two, Melt Banana and the System of a Down demo, but what about some Stark Raving Mad? Are you familiar with them, an Austin DRI nemesis hardcore kind of thing? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE :D ;) :-0 Probably could have just emailed ya or used the cbox but oh well. Let me know one way or another, okay? Thanx bro.

  6. I'll look around for Stark Raving Mad; funny but I am not familiar with them so now you have my interest peaked!
    As far as SoaD goes, sorry, but I just can't "go there".
    That bands irks me - sorry!

    Let me know what Melt-Banana you need, and I'll send you over a .zip file.
    I got a lot of their stuff.


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