Rob asked for some Palatka, so I searched around and found this collection in a few different places.
I think it's only missing one EP, but I'm not sure as I was late to getting into these guys. All in all, pretty good "emo-violence", and if anybody wants to chime in with some background info I wouldn't mind the history lesson as there sure ain't much in the way of web presence of these Floridian rippers...

D/L Palatka - The Unoffical & 98% Complete Discography: 1995 - 1999 right here.

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  1. Christ! This is an awesome find. I've been looking for stuff from them for a while, and haven't been able to find much other than the split with Asshole Parade and the tracks from the Possessed to Skate Comp. Thanks a lot!

    I wish I knew more about this band...I too was late getting into them.

  2. Ah shit, Gainesville circa 95-96. Palatka is a town in Florida right north of Hogtown that had a small art institute that Mike(guitar) was going to school at. Kings of the 10 minute set. Little known facts: The drummer, before spock rocking out used to sport Strife sweatshirts; Ryan(guitar) and Mark (drums) went on to be in True North and are currently in stress face. Kurt was in the peace corps but is now working some fancy job for the UN. I could go on forever, since these dudes were/are good friends.

    Oh yeah and Kurt owns my entire Youth of Today vinyl collection...

  3. I think the 625 website says something like PALATKA is the only band he fucked up by releasing a cd version of the (I guess) Possessed to Skate comp. that featured them in spite of their strict "no-PALATKA-on-cd-ever" policy.

  4. Thanks for this... great band. I've never heard of them before either.


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