Continuing on with some ancient Boner Records bands, here's the first release from a little-known band from Berkeley who played some solid hardcore.
This tape came out in 1983, and pre-dates their appearance on "Them Boners Be Poppin" of course.

Enjoy, as this is another long-lost first-generation Bay Area Hardcore classic...

D/L Special Forces - 8 Songs to Kill By right here.

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  1. This is cool! I have the World Domination and will certainly try this one out. Thanks! I think they're quite underrated too.

  2. Another stylin' post from your blog! Do you by any chance have Special Forces self-titled album (1987, I think)?? I seem to recall it was only released in France. Never seen it. Always thought they something that made them stand apart from the crowd... wonder what Orlando is up to today...?

  3. I have a bunch of stuff by Special Forces, but I don't have the self-titled one you speak of. Wish I did...

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  5. Oh shit! The OX! I love that man. If I can remember to, maybe I'll put up a link to some photos I took of "The United Intrepid Forces" show they played at Gilman not too long ago.

  6. Awesome. Had this tape in high school and my friends car stereo ate it. Thanks.
    I have the self titled lp, I'll try to rip it and find somewhere to post it. Great line-up on that lp with Tom Flynn playing bass.

  7. good job on the hardcore & bay area coverage. nobody does it right and this is helping.
    Want to really hook a ni66a up and find/rip some

    [[- Mental Pygmies out of Martinez,Cali-]]
    and some
    [[- Hell Hound demo out of Sunnyvale,Cali-]]

    oh yea any live Mentors stuff.??


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