Sorry for the lack of updates lately.
I've been inundated with work & holiday stuff - who hasn't, really - and on top of everything else I sold my beloved '96 Ford Bronco on Xmas Eve to a good friend who really needed it.

In return, I splurged and bought myself a 2008 Scion xB.

Now, I bet some of you are saying to yourself, "WTF!?"
Well, for someone who has driven a big-ass truck for a long time in a city that has mega parking problems, I am fucking LOVING it!
No more $50 street cleaning tickets, it only costs me about $25 to fill it up - I can run on that for at least two weeks at a time - and I can actually fit my new vehicle IN MY GARAGE. Imagine that!

By the way, there will be no "Best of 2008" list here at Lo-Res Viscera.

After years of doing them, I have finally come to realize that I always leave something(s) out, and really who fucking cares and what does it mean to YOU what my favorites are anyways, huh?
I hardly have the time to sit down and pick my brain trying to figure out relase dates, etc.
We all have our favorites, and they have theirs, and so on, etc. Yeah.

Enjoy the rock and now it's on to my final post of 2008...

1985 was the year that Mike, Woody & Reed unleashed THE FUCKING PERFECT ALBUM upon my denim-and-flannel flying sk8-carcass.

This record became the soundtrack to many a late night schralp session, and it still stands on its own today.

Hard to believe this band is (sorta) still around - Pepper Keenan's version of C.o.C. could never/will never write a fucking album this stellar.

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Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity

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While I've never been the biggest fan of The Ramones, their early material was indeed fucking "ALL THAT", and this thirty-year-old recording of them in action at a small Michigan club proves it.

You WILL be amazed by the sound quality of this thing, and the band is tight as fuck - the cover art is STELLAR too, by the way ;)

Enjoy this recording as you rarely see it around the 'webernet...

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Ramones - 02.26.1979 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI (Part I)

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Ramones - 02.26.1979 Second Chance Saloon, Ann Arbor, MI (Part II)

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The last two summers that I lived in Ann Arbor & Detroit in the 80's were a fucking drug-addled mess, and these guys were the soundtrack to my existence on a nearly-daily basis.

Once I moved to S.F. in 1991, a good friend of mine introduced me to them.
I got to know them a bit better, watched them in action in the studio, and as housemates at one point for a short time back when The Mission was ALOT more scary than it is now.
San Francisco had all kinds of bands back in the 90's before the dot-com boom (which seems ages ago now), and these days "the scene" here is pretty much riddled with ironic hipster metal or -even worse - electro bullshit or free jazz/folk garbage.
I am assuming, mind you, as I find the "live music experience" to be highly overrated these days and rarely go to shows.

I will stop pining about the old days now...

Enjoy what is most definitely a classic piece of San Francisco punk rock history made by a couple of dudes from Montana who decided to move to The City and make one hell of a (beautiful and sometimes ugly) racket.

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Steel Pole Bath Tub - Lurch

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When I was a young buck just entering high school, I witnessed these guys along with The Crucifucks.
That experience made my 14 year-old mind re-think what music was all about.
Add a skateboard & a few tokes of the dreaded "Pinconning Paralyzer"and things got even more fun, ya know?

This is pretty much all you need in your collection as far as The Meatmen are concerned, and you should have this already. If not, here's your chance to score a magnanimous collection of CLASSIC MIDWESTERN HARDCORE.

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The Meatmen - Stud Powercock: The Tough & Go Years 1981 - 1984, Pt. I

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The Meatmen - Stud Powercock: The Tough & Go Years 1981 - 1984, Pt. II

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Here's the first full-length from the Kings of Sleaze Rock / Rape Rock.

This band is still touring years after the death of El Duce'.
Who the fuck would want to see that I tell you...

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Mentors - You Axed for It!

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First generation NYHC (the good stuff) that many have overlooked due to the fact that they didn't really fit in with the sXe or crossover bands; a good mix of both of those styles along with the full-speed ahead approach of bands like Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags.

They didn't have a big recorded output, nor were they arouund for very long, but indeed they were a crucial band for the time.
I think they even gig around a bit these days.


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Absolution - Complete Discography

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The term "technical" always seems to leave a weird taste in my mouth...

This release by Voivod could very well be their best in the fact that it expands on the whole thrash formula by introducing some melody to the riff-fest going down here.
Really cool tempo changes abound, and with all that going on, the songs are still really coherent - not just a bunch of shit strung together, ya know?

A record most definitely ahead of its time, bro.

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Voivod - Killing Technology

If anyone is having trouble accessing the files via Link-Protector.com, just email me for the direct link.

I have been having trouble with the service lately myself, and even after trying to D/L it from my home & work computer (1 is a Mac & 1 is a PC) and I've tried Safari/Firefox/Explorer browsers as well. I keep checking my D/L count though and it seems some of you are still getting normal access to the files - WTF?

I've had trouble with this service in the past, but it usually cleared up after a day or two - this time it's been like 5 days or so.
Hence, the lack of updates.

I use Link-Protector to keep other "so-called" bloggers from stealing my uploads. Plus, it seems to keep the link itself from being deleted more often than not.

*UPDATE 12.18.2008*

The D/L links all seem to be working smoothly again after 6 days of wonkiness.

I had spoken w/ Link-Protector.com support about this issue, and it was actually MediaFire that wasn't playing nice w/ their service.
The problem seems to have cleared up now, but in any case, should you need me to send you a direct link, hit me up in the sidebar.
You'll find my contact info there, thanks.

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Here's a VERY recent "live-in-the-studio" set from Killdozer.
Unlike many bands that get back together many years after the fact, they DO NOT suck!

See for yourself...

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Killdozer - 11.01.2008 WFMU (part 1)

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Killdozer - 11.01.2008 WFMU (part 2)

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No introduction needed here, just a decent sounding live recording from way-back-in-the-fucking-day, courtesy of one of Hardcore's greatest bands ever!

Their first LP actually scared THE FUCK out of my 14 year-old ears when I first heard it, and it still remains to this day in my collection as one of the most aggressive & intimidating releases I have ever had the pleasure of having my "inner angst" woke-the-fuck-up to...

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M.D.C. - 11.17.1982 Warehouse, Liverpool, U.K.

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