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Not much needs to be said when it comes to Slayer - for me (as for many others, I'm sure) - they were a "gateway" band to the genre of music that I still enjoy the most on a daily basis.
Many folks call bullshit on Thrash/Death/Crossover these days, but honestly? They're just listening to the WRONG bands.

While I may not entirely celebrate very much of their catalog beyond 1990, they are indeed one of the true greats of the more "mainstream/successful" death/thrash metal heavyweights. Kudos to Tom, Jeff, Kerry, & Dave for going on 29 years of doing what they do best - I'd also like to personally thank shred-lord Jeff Hanneman for giving me "a noticeable ring" in my right ear that dates back to a November of 1998 gig at Harpo's in Detroit featuring Overkill (ugh!) opening for Slayer, with Motörhead to follow - that was EASILY one of the greatest shows I have ever seen - no regrets!

The show posted here is from early on in their career - 1984 - and is definitely a show I wish I had attended - much of my favorite material gets played, Araya is quick with the banter, the guitars sound like banshees from hell, the screams are high & curdling, Lombardo gets his rumble on, etc. In one word - RAW!!!

Enjoy, and thanks (as always) for stopping by & sharing your stories/comments/info/links/memories, etc. with me...

Slayer - 01.30.1984 Wolfgang's, San Francisco, CA "Fuck the Slayer"

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I've been busy as of late, but this posts worth the wait.
So don't hesitate, (cuz you love won't wait)…

Sorry for the Frampton-ism there; you're boggled now that Peter Frampton & the Kings of Splatterrock would/could/were used in the same post (I know), but damn if this ain't a shit-hot live recording from back when The Accüsed were at the peak of their powers. Enjoy!

The Accüsed - 11.26.1988 Groningen, The Netherlands

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I've been listing to Napalm Death all day - and while I can't pick a favorite era, this record has been speaking to me a bit more than the rest have as of late - I go through different phases with this band (probably you do too)?

Jesse Pintado is sorely missed - one of my favorite guitar players for sure - and on this LP he brought a bit of that (classic-as-fuck) Terrorizer relentlessness to the table - this is pure Napalm though, no doubt about it.

The beginning of a great era for these guys, and honestly I hope they never go away…

Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption

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Live albums can tend to be kind of one-dimensional and unexciting, but this one is none of those things mentioned above - it is also under scrutiny as to wether it actually is live or not.

The band claims there were guitar touch-ups, and that some of the vocals were redone due to Rob having the flu on those nights back in February of 1979 in Tokyo, but honestly I could give a shit less as this is a kick-ass record that grabbed me right by my teenage testicles back in the day. The tone K.K. Downing got back then was razor sharp & white-hot; one of my favorite Flying-V players to this day...

Enjoy this (timeless) blast-from-the-past.

Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East

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