712m.p.h. riffs blowing past your earholes all the way from Shitlicker, Texas, these fellas tore it up pretty fucking good back in the day - they even threw in some blast beats!

Blast beats in Thrash? That's what I said…

To these ears, I'd file this away next to some other stellar acts / albums by the likes of Sacred Reich or Dark Angel, and - for some strange reason - I get the same kind of feeling when I listen to "Cause For Alarm" from Agnostic Front.

You results may vary, but there is NO denying the power of the riff(s) on this one.
Truly a classic Thrash Metal album that hasn't gotten the love it should.

Gammacide - Victims of Science
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No need for a punk history lesson here, instead we'll just get to the (leftover) meat of the matter as I finally get around to posting up again after the Turkey Day Madness (as it was around these parts anyways).

For your aural satiation today, I offer up a collection of the first four albums from one of L.A.'s earliest punk, er, "hardcore" bands. They remind me at times of a So-Cal version of the Dead Boys, but on different drugs, etc.

A classic bit of punk history here, grab it here... .

Angry Samoans - The Unboxed Set
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Without a doubt, this record is 15 minutes of serenity - to these ears at least.

Assück melded the best of both worlds - grindcore & death metal - like no other.

There are no weak spots on this "album" - other than it only being 15 minutes long - but then again, this is all killer w/ no filler. Insane musicianship abounds here - shit, these guys would be killer in any genre w/ the chops they possess - but just because they are masters of their instruments doesn't mean they can't write sick riffs.

This record is a testimonial to the musical supremacy that these heavyweights from Florida possesssed. Essential!

Assück - Anticapital
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Yes, the blog is still active - not so frequent I KNOW, but unlike so many other blogs, I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. November has been a crazy month here in SF (Giants World Series Win, Halloween, hangovers, work, real life, a Presidential election, more holidaze coming up, etc). Let's party!