It seems strange to me to see a lack of love for this recording (according to various reviews on certain renowned metal "archives", etc).

While these deranged death-heads from Chicago may not have been the most unique, they were definitely killing it fourteen years ago when they released this fury of a record. Hints of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, etc.
Not "groovy" by any means, but there's a feeling of "laid-back brutality" going on here which I really dig. Sounds like they might be holding back on the bludgeoning tempo at times. Interesting…

Fleshgrind - Destined for Defilement
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So maybe that's not a photo of one of Gremany's oldest & greatest rippin' hardcore/powerviolence bands ever, but John Waters is indeed punk as fuck as well….
Blasting drums, crunching guitars, out-front caterwaul? These guys had it in spades. They had power to spare - they did a split w/ Man Is The Bastard - and had they been from the U.S. then possibly more people over here might recognize that.

Either way, I'm preaching to the choir here, or your about to embark a 34-song discography of yet another unsung HC band.

Enjoy - (all four of you that come by to download and actually comment)...

Pink Flamingos - Crippled Silence
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You know, I don't venture out on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) much - I like to drive my car and shit - plus, I don't like being shot at by armed transit cops - they aim to kill - and they have been very sucessful in that aspect. Google "BART cops kill" if you don't believe me.

What the fuck does this have to with Vile?

Well, I do know that Concord, CA lies 30 miles east of San Francisco, and is the name of one of the main BART lines / stops. That D-Bag Tom Hanks & Luke Muthafuckin' Skywalker himself - Mark Hamill - were from Concord, dude! Also, according to Wikipedia, Concord at one time was also known as "Drunken Indian"!!!
Real fucking nice, pioneering Northern Californian forefounders…

Another thing that is little known about Concord is the affinity that the madmen from Vile have for bands such as Cannibal Corpse & Suffocation. It is apparent in their sound - maybe more so on the C.C. side of things - but they are more than merely aping said sound. These guys thrash like crazy, and - because they are from the East Bay - they have a tad of that "Exodus Attack" in their attack, comprende'? Good stuff.

Vile - Stench of the Deceased
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