Glacial-expanse heaviness.
Down-tuned guitars drenched in treble.
Flatulent bass slinging.
Drug-coma sludge-pummel drumming.
Add a rusty tree-chipper of a throat to bring it all together & there you have Rippikoulu.

Sit back and "relax" as they create an excursion through some of the muddiest, coldest, HEAVIEST fucking death-doom your busted ears have ever heard.

Unlike most of the death metal that came out in the Early Nineties, these cold-filtered bastards from Finlandia certainly knew how to make one feel like you were in alone in the scariest place on earth (or hell..?) - (in a good way, of course). Fucking classic, bro.

Rippikoulu - Musta Seremonia

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Some serious Discharge influence on this (of course) here fine record (aren't they all?) from the oldest hardcore band in Finlandia.

Interesting guitar tones; at times I am reminded of Killing Joke as far as that goes (a GOOD thing!), a ragingly-pained vocal delivery, & while the drum mix is flatter than Christina Ricci these days, the Healthy Hands are re-fuckin'-lentless in their attack from start to finish. There's some trippy/noisy/heaviness buried in here as well, which also makes for an interesting listen.

Not your typical European HC record by any means. This is quality all the way through, kid.

Terveet Kädet - Deep Wounds.

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The "City of Drizzle" (Sao Paulo) in Brazil is known for many things - great food & beautiful people being among those - but a vegan hardline metallic sXe band as well? Indeed.

Children of Gaia held it down for the better part of a decade with their dark & brooding take on the militant metalcore sound. Lots of heavy chugga-chugga, shit-tons of bottomless-pit breakdows, and a fury of deep-throated vocal anguish.
Their version of "thug core" is unique in that the leads (if you can call them that) aren't full of pick squeals and such - they keep it dark at all times. Good stuff if you have a soft spot for the old-school metallic beat-down HC…

Children of Gaia - I Pray to Watch You Bleed

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I'll have to admit that back in the day, I wasn't much of a fan of what the F.U.'s had become, but John Sox's vocal delivery intrigued me in a "WTF?" kind of way? Super-nasally, yet super unique - dude had some deep pipes to go along with that though, and that kept me wondering. "How the hell does he sing like that?"

Some riffs on this here record are some straight-up heavy metal 80's-style stuff, but I got hooked on that "Young Fast Iranians" jam they did, and while I've been a dude who preferred "a bit of metal in his hardcore", this record somehow worked for me. Seriously, there are some killer fucking riffs delivered on here. Take "Cavalry" for instance…

These days I prefer "a bit of hardcore in my metal", and these days, this record gets a lot more play around here.
Rockin' stuff from one of the best hardcore bands there ever was - don't let that scare you…

Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused

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So I've been meaning to post this a few days ago, but I've been sick.

It all started w/ an ingrown fingernail, and then I'm assuming that while bar tending the other night, I got some bar-rot in there, and before you know it, I woke up w/ one swollen, red, angry-looking dick-finger/digit! Anyways, I went to the Doctor & she started me on antibiotics. It took about 10 hours, but then my system crashed, and all I could do is lay in bed, surfing waves of nausea, or get up & go pee out my ass every 30 minutes - maybe even puke up some weird bright yellow liquid.

I'm glad I could share that with you…

Anyways, Angel Rot could very well be the soundtrack to your medication-induced delirium - it was for me - and honestly? This is some dirty, fucked up rock that most folks STILL ain't gonna like. What the fuck? What's NOT to like about Tom Five & his Iommi-meet-Ginn proto-stylings? This shit is still ahead of it's time.

Angel Rot - Unlistenable Hymns of Indulgent Damnage

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