Serial-Killer "inspired" deathish grindcore from Quebec.

Although the description sounds lame, these guys are not - forget about what you may think about "gore-grind, etc. as these guys know how to make it heavy as well as being able to grind that puny excuse you call your "manhood" right the fuck off...

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Mesrine - Unidentified (disc one)

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Mesrine - Unidentified (disc two)

Now playing: Sangraal - Name Me Master



There's been alot of "highly underrated" bands I've featured here, but these guys are definitely in the upper echelon of that category.

If you don't know who Pen Rollings is, now is the time to get your shit on track!

This here fine live recording was given to me by some righteous motherfucker after a show I was selling merch at while on tour w/ a "supergroup" of sorts - let's just say Dave Lombardo was in it, okay? Anyways, said awesome dude handed me 3 or 4 CD-R's at the merch table and this one was the keeper!

If anyone wants to go for it and figure out the track listing that would be awesome. Shit, if you REALLY are a bad ass, then figure out the track list for the previously-posted Coalesce set as well and send them to me.

UPDATE 12.03.2008:

Reader Jonas figured out the set list!

1 following footprints
2 absolve
3 six
4 throwing rocks
5 caretaker
6 observation
7 listening to sally
8 anonymous cave
9-12 some banter and guitar tuning
13 ???
14 purgatory
15 my place
16 ???
17 thankless job
18 so anyway
19 shuffle
20 twist
21 lives of the saints
22 ???

Now playing: Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law

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Honor Role - 07.30.1989 Cat's Cradle, Carboro NC

Now playing: Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law



The pride of Lawrence, KS killing it live in Philly - in glorious sound, too...

UPDATE 09.30.2008:
Rad dude J. stepped up to the plate and figured out the set list!
Here it is...

1- Harvest of Maturity
2- One on the Ground
3- cowards.com
4- Blend as Well
5- Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
6- What Happens on the Road
7- A Safe Place
8- Jesus In The Year 2000 / Next On The Shit List
9- A Disgust For Details
10- 73-C
11- You Can't Kill Us All
12- My Love For Extremes

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Coalesce - 08.19.2005 Unitarian Church, Philadelphia PA

Now playing: The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead/Slow Death



Two vocalists (at one point they had three), two guitarists, & two bassists round out this tight and brutal-as-fuck German metal machine.
This goes out by request for faithful reader Sueleiman.

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Mörser - 10,000 Bad Guys Dead



The latest (and last) offering from one of the "classic" Black Metal bands.
This thing was released for a short time before they decided to call it a day due to conflict within the band.
While this is far from being one of their best releases, the set list on this covers alot of their catalogue. Politics aside, these guys have always kicked my ass throughout their run; ain't many BM bands I can say that about these days.

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Gorgoroth - True Norwegian Black Metal: Live in Grieghallen

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Drove all the way home from Tahoe today listening to this like three times in a row.
(Only thing that kept me sane in 50mph traffic for 200 miles worth of ultra-shitty drivers and CHiPs.

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Mitch Hedberg - Do You Believe in Gosh?

Now playing: Nagasaki Nighmare - Medley



It's probably been posted elsewhere on other blogs better than this one, nor do I have much information about them to share with you, but if you never heard Germany's powerviolence/thrashcore heavyweights before, now is the time to grab this discography and prepare to get your earballs kicked off (or something like that)...

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Stack - Konkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit

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I had to pass this one along to you all...

Found this over at the most excellent CoW blog a while back, and I even got down on bended knee pleading for them to re-up the link and they did!
Not sure what the back story is on this collection, but it's a doozy for sure; collecting nearly everything these kings of Powerviolence ever did - all in one nice fast package!

You can grab it from here - I did the proper blog "etiquette" and re-upped it to my own bandwidth PLUS I made damn sure the tags are correct as there are 63 songs on this thing - , or you can grab it from the CoW blog directly.
Either way, don't sleep on this...

If anyone has info on whether this is going to be released as a "legit" item or what the story with it is, please share!

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Infest - '87-'92

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Just went through the L-R V archives and see that I haven't done a single post on one of my favorite bands ever - C.o.C.
So now I present to you, kind reader, a great-sounding live set from 1985 - back when they were a ferocious unit indeed!

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Corrosion of Conformity - 01.05.1985 Wilson Center, Wash. D.C.

Now playing: Into Another - Without A Medium


The instrumental hell-record from the 'Flag from back in 1985 that has been a mainstay of many a late night for me since its release.

You either love it or hate it.
I kind of dig the fact that Hank only sings 2 or 3 lines on the whole thing and yeah, the band did weed out a lot of "fans" with this - as well as do the "(smoke) weed out" thing, ha ha!

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Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out

*Sorry for the lack of updates recently.
Cranked out a powerful week of work & then did a solo hellride to Tahoe to chill with a good friend, drink too many beers, and work on my bike.
Oh yeah - got a root canal yesterday, and have been feeling like shit since then due to the antibiotics and pain killers.
Gonna try to get back on track with the blog (and reality), so please, bear with me.*

Now playing: Bl'ast! - The Future



"Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse".

All I can say is, "These guys have been kicking my ears' ass for the last week!!!"

This CD would fit perfectly next to your Swarrrm, Watchmaker, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, & Phobia CD's - at least they do in my collection.
This is REAL grind , folks.

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ASRA - The Way of All Flesh (plus their tracks from "This Comp Kills Fascists, Vol.I")

If you have their 3-song Demo from 2006 "Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse" - PLEASE SHARE.

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I was cleaning out the garage this weekend and found a box of old VHS tapes.
In there was this gem, so I thought I'd fire up my old VCR (they're all old now, aren't they) and record the audio from this solid performance of the best D.R.I. line-up from back in the day.

I wonder what any of their records after "4 of A Kind" sound like; haven't heard anything since - which, by the way - I love said album (as well as the early years).
Lots of fond memories of hot late night sk8 road trips around MI in the summertime, etc.
One for the ages, enjoy my boredom...

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D.R.I. - 06.27.1987 Live at The Ritz, NYC

Now playing: From Hell - Words Mislead You


(This has been the "late-night wind-down" record for me as of late).

Chris Haskett knows a thing or two about "fret gymnastics".
He was Hank's go-to git player during the Rollins Band years.
He's an eclectic player with a wicked skill set that runs the gamut of punk/metal/jazz stylings - a nice fusion of all the afforementioned makes him a unique (and highly underrated) guitarist.

This record is a complete 180 from all that; it's very acoustic and mysterious in nature.
Lots of ambient sounds buried beneath the warm guitar work.

It's hard for me to describe this stuff - in fact, it's usually ALWAYS hard for me to describe what I'm hearing - so just give it a listen.
It's a "tastefully trippy" record I'm certain most people haven't heard before...

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Chris Haskett - Language

Now playing: J.R. Ewing - render



Here's some early rockin' punk stuff by GG - much better than the post-prison violent drunken-junkie GG material. While you either love him or hate him, there will never be another rock star like this guy.

Rock & Roll could certainly use another TRUE psycho right about now...


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GG Allin - Dirty Love Songs

Now playing: Special Forces - Nobody Rules



Man, Devo used to rule my world back in junior high/high school!

The soundtrack to my daily life back then used to be these guys, Kiss, Cheap Trick, AC/DC & The Clash. I'd spend most of my days out on my BMX bike or my skateboard, playing Cenitpede or Defender or Joust at the 7-11 near my house, sneaking Kools from my Dad's pack.
Nice, huh?

Here's a sick collection of rare tracks/mixes from the Spud Boys themselves.
I believe this was only released in an edition 5000 pressed, and fuckin'-a if it don't rule...

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Devo - Recombo DNA Pt. I

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Devo - Recombo DNA Pt. II

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Devo - Recombo DNA Pt. III

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Devo - Recombo DNA Pt. IV

Now playing: Harvey Milk - Plastic Eggs



(Here's a nice live recording I found on Soulseek a while back; took me a while to clean it up a bit and figure out the set list).

This is from their first (and only?) national U.S. tour in 1990, the "Feel The Darkness" tour.

I saw them in Ann Arbor, MI on this tour, and ended up hanging out w/ Jerry A. before the show.
He asked to go to a liquor store to get some "dinosaur fuel" and so we ended up going to three different ones. He pulled out a crisp $100 bill and told me to "get whatever I want".
I think I got a sixer of Harp, while he bought a case of Olde English 40's (for Pig) and a case of Guiness & a fifth of Ouzo for himself.

Once back at the club, we hung out in the alley behind it, and in the adjoining parking garage, talking shit, etc. Pig took up the whole middle bench seat in the van, quietly pounding his malt liquor.

They were all pretty fucked up come set time, but they sure as hell did not disappoint! The floor of the club was "flexing" left and right, and the small plywood stage looked like it was gonna go as well. The metal folding chair supplied for Pig Champion didn't last for long before it got maxed out and bent flat.

He then proceeded mash-out a milk crate as well...

Jerry was pretty fucked up, but didn't miss a lyric.
Halfway through the set he dropped some acid, and proceeded to cut himself up pretty badly about the face, all the while pounding pitchers like they were 12 oz. cups of water on a hot summer day! He blew some fire, and the kids fucking went wild, of course.

After the show, I hung out with them in said alley once again until their 70-year-old uncle/tour manager/driver told the boys to get in the van (at around 6am).
They dropped me off at my house on their way out of town, and Jerry grabbed a T-shirt from the merch box, wiped his still bleeding forehead with it, and handed it to me.

I still have it in my garage.

One of the best shows I ever did saw, and goddamn if I don't miss the power of the Sausage Fingers himself, Pig Champion...

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Poison Idea - 05.09.1990 Pyramid Club, NYC

Now playing: Gather - Who Belongs